The installation presented in this gallery is the actual step-by-step documentation of a new replaceable deep anode system and is not intended to serve as a guide for all deep anode installations. For assistance in choosing the correct materials and quantities for your replacement project contact LORESCO®.

Natural gas distribution is made possible by running pipe to customers. Most of the piping serving customers is steel and must receive cathodic protection. The gallery of pictures represented in this demonstration shows the installation of a Replaceable Deep Anode System being used to provide cathodic protection to a gas distribution network.

The gas lines to be protected are serving a combination of commercial and residential customers. The area is congested. The Right of Way was available, but it was expensive. The surface soils were sandy and high in resistance.

A decision was made to use a deep groundbed for several reasons. The need to buy Right of Way was eliminated. Low resistivity soils were available in deep formations.

A decision was made to use a Replaceable Deep Anode System for strong economic reasons. The need for protective current at the site was expected to be much longer that the life of a deep groundbed. Heavy construction is expensive and made more expensive by being in a congested area. By designing for replaceability, the heavy construction expenses were eliminated in the future. The economy of the design is guaranteed as the additional cost for a replaceable design was only $621.00. Go to Replaceable Deep Anode to see a drawing.

Environmental consideration is a factor in all designs. Addressing environmental concerns is made easy when a casing is used on a deep groundbed.

The following gallery of pictures shows the successful installation of a Replaceable Deep Anode System. The installation took only 12 hours. The cost to make the system replaceable was $621.00. For economy and control, make your next system replaceable.


Some impressed current anode sites require deep anode systems.
     Fact: All impressed current anode sites will fail.

     Fact: Most locations still require impressed current cathodic protection long after the initial groundbed failure.

     Fact: If the cost to make a deep anode replaceable is less than 15% of the total cost, the decision to design replaceable is a "no brainer".

     Fact: LORESCO® Replaceable Deep Anode Systems have been installed successfully since 1971.

The system shown in the previous picture gallery cost only $621.00 to be made replaceable. LORESCO® replaceable designs have advanced due to new casing products and advanced machinery capacities.

All deep groundbeds fail. By designing replaceable, failure will not be expensive. LORESCO® Replaceable Deep Anode Systems have been making the industry money since 1971. Design smart, design LORESCO® Replaceable.

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