The system installation presented in this gallery is the step-by-step documentation of an actual deep anode replacement and is not intended to serve as a guide for all deep anode replacements. For assistance in choosing the correct materials and quantities for your replacement project contact LORESCO®.

The site had a replaceable deep anode system installed in 1977. The replaceable design was composed of a deep system with a full length non-metallic casing. The replaceable design has been used for deep anode installations since 1971.

The 1977 installation used a 4 in. casing size within an 8 in. bore hole. The anode was located in the active area between 185 to 235 ft. The active area has a non-metallic, perforated casing which allows current transfer. Solid non-metallic casing was extended to the earth's surface. Go to Replaceable Deep Anode to see a typical drawing.

The original system contained graphite anodes. In 1984, the graphite was replaced with 50 ft. of 4mm Pt (1 micron) -Ti-Cu anode on a single lead wire.

In 2000 the Pt-Ti-Cu anode failed.

The following gallery of pictures shows the anode replacement on June 20, 2000. Replacement is made possible as the non-metallic casing maintains hole integrity. The replacement is shown with step-by-step descriptions and actual time references.

The actual system being replaced in this demonstration is a replaceable deep anode design that has been in use since 1971. The design calls for a hole fully cased with non-metallic casing materials. Go to Replaceable Deep Anode to see a drawing.

The rejuvenation shown in the sequence of pictures was started at 8:30 A.M. June 20, 2000. The replacement was finished at 1:30 P.M. the same day. The "new" system was re-energized the next day. The resistance was 0.9 ohm. The resistance in 1977 was 0.9 ohm.

The work on June 20 was the second replacement of this site. The system is 23 years old with a new anode.

The cost to make this system replaceable is the price of the non-metallic casing. The total cost of the non-metallic casing of this deep anode system would be USD $866.25.

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